A look at motorcycle apps available to bikers

By: Dave MotorCycle Direct Posted: March 13th, 2017

Technology is advancing more and more every day so it's only fair to take advantage of these developments and allow them to enhance your biking experience. With so many Apps available, we've taken a look at some well-known biker favourites which could be just what your journeys missing.

Eat Sleep Ride

One of the most popular on the market, this app allows you to record the routes that you ride, save them and repeat them on another day. This means you can relive those extra special journeys. Tracking these journeys enables you to also keep an eye on your mileage, speed and elevation. The app helps you to discover routes in areas you may not be familiar with as other riders share their favourite routes and of course you can too. One of the key features of this app is Crashlight. This detects when you have had a crash and notifies your pre-selected contacts with emergency information and your geo location. A great feature of this app is the choice to make yourself visible to other riders which gives you the chance to join group rides nearby or you can create your own group and share your location with chosen friends. Share photos with your chosen friends or browse other rider's photos whether these are nearby or around the world. This app brings modern day living to the biking world and is a great all round app to enhance your biking.

Best Biking Roads

This app is an extended version of the largest source of biking routes on the internet at your fingertips. Routes are added and reviewed by others in the community, you can also contribute by adding your favourite roads. This app is useful if you're visiting areas you aren't familiar with as you can research and plan whilst taking into consideration reviews and feedback from other bikers to ensure your ride is as great as you intend it to be. Each route contains GPX downloadable format files, access to over 4,000 routes and photos added by the community and on bike film footage where available. A great way to plan or prepare for any upcoming rides and a great source of information for all bikers.


Crash detection and response is an app that reports on suspected 'man down' situations you hope to not find yourself in. When a fall is detected, a text message is sent to a pre-selected emergency contact using your phones GPS to provide a link to a map with your exact location. To avoid false reports of a fall, when a fall is sensed, it waits 30 - 120 seconds (depending on what you set it as) and if you don't move eight feet it will send a message to your selected contact to inform them. This gives your contact a chance to call you to see if you're ok, if they can't get through then they have your exact location in coordinates so others can find you too. A great app for keeping the loved ones at home at ease that you're travelling safely!


Gain access to precise weather forecasting from your mobile from local weather stations close by including current conditions, extended forecasts, severe weather alerts and live weather camera streaming. You can also set up alerts and receive notifications of changing weather conditions. This way you can ensure you don't get caught out while out on your bike. The app allows you to plan your rides ahead using the extended forecasts so you can choose the best conditions for your journey. Never get caught out again with this app.

Rain Alarm

The name says it all. This app warns you in real time when there is rain approaching so you can plan your day accordingly and rearrange as necessary. Using real time data is much more accurate meaning you can prepare knowing that the chances of said rain shower actually arriving is much more likely than a historical forecast. Don't get caught out in the rain and download today!


A free app and website connecting a global community of riders sharing the best routes and allowing you to keep record of your rides and share with those close to you. Connect with other riders to enhance your biking experience. You can use this app anywhere in the world to record your rides, it will even keep recording if you go into an area with no signal. You can use the integrated trip planner to build custom routes through areas you wish to ride, a great way to personalise your journey. You can follow your friends, create a social group and get inspired by taking part in 'Rever challenges'. Discover great roads and the best rides and sign up today for free!

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