Get your biking gear ready for the season ahead

By: Dave MotorCycle Direct Posted: March 21st, 2017

Start with the top - your helmet

Motorcycle clothing.Your motorcycle helmet experiences all of the elements so get rid of the dried bugs, smeary lens and get that new lid shine back again. You can buy a variety of different helmet cleaning products at different prices but there are also much more cost effective options you can take. The old school method of wet kitchen towels will do the job.

Next take a look at the inside of the helmet, if you haven't cleaned the inside before you will be surprised at how dirty it can get. Most helmets have removable linings so they are easily washable and are best hand washed using baby shampoo and lukewarm water, rinsing in cold water afterwards.

Re-proof your clothing

Your clothing is an essential part of your gear and can also be costly. It's important to ensure that you maintain and keep your clothing in good condition to lasts as long as possible. Textile cleaning kits will be effective at keeping water out in the future. Ensure you use a proper cleaner as you don't want to damage the breathable membranes in the fabric. Always wash on a cool temperature and allow to drip dry never tumble dry. When it's clean and dry you can look to gain back some of the water resistant capabilities and re proof with a spray/liquid re proofer. Ensure that this is done in a well ventilated area.

Replenish your leathers

Some bikers clean their leathers in the washing machine which will do the job however the good old fashioned by hand method is best. Using lukewarm water and a clean micro fibre cloth, give your leathers a good wipe down ensuring all grit and solids are washed off. Leave to air dry before applying any treatment. Leather needs to be conditioned to ensure it lasts a long time so be sure to feed the leather after cleaning and keep it supple and nourished. Any kind of leather treatment will suffice for this. The same routine can be applied to cleaning your leather gloves.

Buff your Boots

If not cared for properly motorcycle boots will dry out, lose condition and are more likely to become uncomfortable to wear. Treating regularly will ensure you get good life out of your favourite boots. First try using a sharp bristled brush to remove any excess dirt. Similar to cleaning your leathers, you can use warm water to remove excess grime and leave to dry overnight. You then want to apply a leather conditioner with a clean dry cloth. Afterwards remove any excess conditioner with another clean cloth to speed up the drying process. Always leave to dry naturally, do not use forced heat as this will dry out the oils in the leather. Next you should apply some form of boot oil. Really rub this in working the oil into the leather ensuring all areas including stitching and seams are covered. Leave to dry overnight and buff up the next day with a clean dry cloth. If you want to protect your boots for the season ahead then apply a water proofer in the same way as you would your clothing.