Top 5 Rucksacks to keep you on your way this winter

By: Dave MotorCycle Direct Posted: September 19th, 2017

With winter drawing in closer, it is important your essentials are protected and for those without storage on their bikes, a good waterproof backpack is the next best thing. This week, we look at top motorcycle backpacks to keep you covered this winter.

1. A highly recommended backpack among biker's keen on storage space is the Kriega R30 backpack which comes with a 30L capacity. Weight is evenly distributed through the Quadloc harness to allow for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The straps are fully adjustable to allow for a perfect fit. It's great for winter as it is water resistant, which is an essential in rainy Britain where the sun shines one minute and it hails the next. Available through the Sports Bike Shop at £159, this bag is rated as their best seller for luggage.

2. If storage space isn't as crucial to you then another great option is the Kriega R25 backpack. With an 18L capacity and again a Quadloc harness, comfort is an essential as weight is spread across the hips and chest to prevent any kind of neck strain, however the material of the rucksack is lightweight so weight can be kept to a minimum. A great option for long distance riders. Available through Get Geared at a retail price of £129.

3. If you are keen to stay visible when riding your bike then a fluorescent rucksack will do just the job. The Oxford Aqua V20 backpack in fluorescent yellow comes highly recommended by many bikers. With a 20L capacity which is perfect for those shorter journeys and an easy carry handle, this backpack is a convenient solution for getting your belongings from A to B safely. Available for a reasonable price of £31.97 through Sports Bike Shop.

4. If you're looking for a good value backpack to fit all your possessions into, the QBag Backpack 9 is a great choice. The bag comes in a mix of white/black colours and high visibility patterns. It has an impressive 30L capacity which is supported by a cross connection padded strap to ease weight distribution. It has storage pockets that are easily accessible including a specific one for your phone. All of this comes in at a super price of £17.99, through Sports Bike Shop.

5. If you're looking for a backpack with all the necessities then the Ogio no drag mach 5 backpack is the one you're after. The sheek carbon fibre look aides air flow and reduces drag and it doesn't change shape no matter the weather. It has handy interior compartments for your laptop, tablet and mobile. The bag has a 24L capacity and has its own adjustable load divider so you can spread the weight around to increase comfort. Extra perks include a hip pack attached to the sternum strap so you have easy access to your phone/wallet when needed. There is also an external strap to clip your helmet to your side to free up your hands when not wearing it. However, all this comes at a price tag as the Mach 5 comes in at £134.99 but compared to the Kreiga R30 backpack, it has many more added perks. Found through Get Geared.