Are you wearing a helmet that needs replacing

By: Dave MotorCycle Direct Posted: October 30th, 2017

A look at the importance of replacing your helmet and the 5-year lifespan suggested by manufacturers.

Guidelines suggest that your motorcycle helmet should be replaced every five years, unless damage is sustained through the impact of an accident or if the helmet has been dropped and resulted in impact damage.

You should also consider that over 5 years, materials in the helmet can start to deteriorate meaning even if there isn’t any damage obtained to the helmet, its effectiveness can lessen therefore should be replaced. This applies to things such as the glue and resins used in the production of the helmet. The inside of your helmet takes the brute of the use and things such as hair products, sweating and frequent use can speed up the deterioration of the lining of your helmet so if you notice small parts of the lining starting to come away then it’s time to replace your helmet.

To keep your helmet in the best possible condition, you need to ensure it is stored away correctly. Its recommended that it is kept in the helmet bag that it came in. This should then be put in a cool, dry place.

Another thing you should consider in the lifetime of your helmet is that there’re new advances in technology every single day, which means that over a period as long as five years there could be huge jumps in technology and its highly likely you’ll benefit by swapping the old in for the new. Be sure to check reviews and ratings before purchasing your helmet so you can ensure it is best suited to your requirements.

Overall, the importance of protecting your head is greater than them all, therefore having a correctly fitting and undamaged helmet is incredibly important. If you have any doubt in the level of protection your helmet will provide you when required, then you should consider replacing to be safe.

Biker holding his helmet