The top ten things bikers wish that car drivers knew

Steve MotorCycle Direct Posted: October 3rd, 2018

For this week's blog, we asked the bikers in our business what they wish other road users knew about the reality of being a biker on UK roads – here are their top ten gripes/suggestions (In no particular order)

1. Motorcycles need just as much stopping distance – if not more – as a car. So don't pass a motorcycle then pull in front of it and stop quickly.

2. Motorcycles can be tricky to operate at low speeds. If we don't creep along in traffic along with the car in front, it's not because we haven't seen them or want to stop you moving – it's because we need enough room to move at a reasonable enough speed to stay stable when we move.

3. Rain is our enemy and we're going to be more cautious in the wet than in the dry. Don't push us as that will make an accident much more likely.

4. Don't take corners too wide. Bikers tend to go outside, inside, outside on turns to carry more speed, and this will mean they get close to the line at some point in the turn. So if you go over the line you can either hit us, or cause us to panic.

5. Understand that a biker will prefer to ride in front or behind a vehicle in the next lane going the same direction, so we are not in their blind spot. If you see us move past you or slow down, allow us to keep our visual separation. It's not an invitation to race...

6. Bikes get HOT in traffic as that engine heat must go somewhere – normally on our legs! One of the reasons that filtering is great is that we get to keep moving instead of cooking.

7. Please just LOOK FOR MOTORBIKES. So many times, drivers just don't notice us. One great suggestion I heard is about training your kids to spot bikes – remember playing the Mini/Beetle game as a child on a long motorway journey? Why not do the same thing with motorbikes? I still notice Minis and Beetles all over the place after being trained to do it as a kid...

8. Changing lanes without checking your blind spot can kill a biker. We're not very big but a quick check over your shoulder could make a massive difference to us...

9. Please stop flicking cigarette butts/ash out of your window. They just fly back and hit us in the face. Same thing with cleaning your windscreen – just think a bit first and do it when you're not moving at high speed!

10. You know that indicator lever on your steering column? Any chance you can use it sometimes, maybe as an INDICATION that you intend to turn up ahead, rather than halfway through the manoeuvre...?

So, these were ours...but what about you? Email us at : and tell us what you wish other road users knew – we'll publish the best ones in a future blog...