Providing proof of your No Claims Bonus as a new MotorCycle Direct customer

Once you have purchased your bike insurance with MotorCycle Direct, you will need to supply proof of your No Claims Bonus so that we can finalise your insurance.

You can send us your proof of No Claims Bonus by one of the following methods:

  • Take a photo of your No Claims Bonus proof and upload it using the form below
  • Take a photo of your No Claims Bonus proof and email it to:
  • Post your proof to the following address: MotorCycle Direct Customer Services, Europa House, Midland Way, Thornbury, Bristol BS35 2JX

We will accept your full renewal notice providing all the pages are supplied or a letter from your previous insurer as long as it's on headed paper. Please ensure the document contains:

  • Your previous insurers details including their name, full address and telephone number
  • A policy number for your previous policy
  • The expiry/cancellation date of your previous insurance policy
  • The amount of years No Claims Bonus you have earned

If there are any differences between your previous and current insurance policy such as: a different bike registration number, a different address or there is a period of time for which you have not had any insurance cover in place, please explain why.

Uploading your No Claims Bonus proof

We've made it easy for you to finalise your insurance with us.

Simply use your phone, tablet or digital camera to take a photo of your No Claims Bonus proof, making sure it's in focus and readable.

Then using the 'document upload' button below, find and upload the photo directly from your device, fill in the other details on the form, and click the "Send Proof" button.

Upload Form