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Bike Blog

Welcome to the MotorCycle Direct Bike Blog.

Get your biking gear ready for the season ahead - 21/03/2017

We give some tips on how to prepare your biking gear in time for the new bike season.

How to ensure you never fail an MOT - 15/03/2017

We take a look at some essential checks you can do prior to your MOT to increase your chances of passing and save you some money in the process.

A look at motorcycle apps available to bikers - 13/03/2017

With so many Apps available, we've taken a look at some well-known biker favourites which could be just what your journeys missing.

10 Places to ride a motorcycle at in 2017 - 07/02/2017

We have compiled the top 10 Places to ride a motorcycle at in 2017.

Kickstart your 2017 Biking Plan - 30/01/2017

Begin to plan biking events you want to attend this year with these dates around the UK confirmed so far.

Manufacturer Motorcycle releases for 2017 - 30/12/2016

Each New Year can be an exciting time for motorcycle enthusiasts with manufacturers releasing highly anticipated models year after year.

Stay Safe in winter - 22/12/2016

In winter it's important to ensure you look after your bike so you can carry on enjoying it through the winter months. It's important to know what to keep on top of with your bike so it stays in good working order. Here we take a look at some top tips for taking care of your bike in winter.

Christmas Gifts for Bikers - 2016 - 21/12/2016

Here at MotorCycle Direct we love getting into the Christmas spirit especially if it involves all things bike related. We've taken a look at a range of gifts that bike enthusiasts would love this year. So whether you're looking for a present for a relative or friend we've scoured the internet and bought you our top picks for this year's Christmas present list.

Keep your hands toasty this winter - 13/12/2016

We take a look at the best motorcycle gloves on the market to suit even the sturdy regular commuter or the weekend pleasure rider.

Outdoor Covers to protect your bike over winter - 07/12/2016

We take a look at the best outdoor covers on the market whether you're on a budget or looking for top spec products.

How to make searching for insurance quotes quick and easy - 16/11/2016

We have gathered together some useful information for the first timer or the competitive renewal price seeker to make the process of shopping around a whole lot easier and quicker.

Max Symonds - Final 3 rounds of the year - 07/11/2016

Our resident blogger Max Symonds, blogs about his final 3 rounds of racing of the year.

Debate - Should High Visibility clothing be compulsory for motorcyclists? - 28/09/2016

It is already a law in many countries that motorcyclists have to wear high visibility clothing when riding their bikes and it is a hot topic of conversation as we move into autumn and the climate begins to change.

Max Symonds at Pembrey Race Circuit - 27/09/2016

Our resident blogger Max Symonds, blogs about his recent experience at the Pembrey Race Circuit.

Audio & Communication Equipment for Bikers - 07/09/2016

We take a look at the various electronic devices available for bikers currently in the market.

Modified Bikes - 01/09/2016

Whether you're keen on modifying your bike or still on the fence over whether or not to make those changes, we have put together some useful information for you.

Tips for riding your bike in hot weather - 30/08/2016

There's nothing like a bit of good weather to make you want to jump on your bike and go for a ride in the sunshine. However many riders don't realise the dangers of being outside in the heat and how best to cope with high temperatures. Here we take a look at the best tips to keep you cool while enjoying the warm weather.

Max Symonds at Brands Hatch - 30/08/2016

Our resident blogger Max Symonds, describes his experience racing at the National Superstock 600 Series.

Motorcycle Security - 11/08/2016

Bike security should be considered with high importance to protect your prized possession. You may think that your bike is as safe as it can be however bikes are stolen to order, sold as parts and can be outside of the country before you realise they have been stolen. So why is it that many bikers still choose not to protect their bike with a security device?

Top 5 Most Common callouts for Breakdowns - 08/08/2016

Recently the RAC has constructed a summary of the most common causes for callouts for their motorbike members. This information has been put together to ensure that bikers are aware of these common causes so they can prepare their bikes for any upcoming journeys.

London revealed as UK Breakdown Capital for Motorbikes - 04/08/2016

The RAC has pulled together findings based on the number of callouts they received in 2015 which has revealed that London is the capital for motorbike breakdowns. In fact, the top five breakdown spots are all based in London making it the breakdown capital.

The Top 10 Roads to ride on in the UK - 29/07/2016

As the summer approaches, you may be planning some rides to take your beloved bike on. If you don't fancy travelling abroad, there are plenty of fantastic UK routes to look at. Here we list our pick of the top 10 roads worth checking out this summer.

What to do if your bike is stolen - 27/07/2016

If your bike is stolen, it is important you know what do in order to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible. Here we take a look at what is important to do if you find yourself in the situation that your bike is stolen.

25 Songs for your Biking Playlist - 25/07/2016

If you're thinking of heading out for some long rides on your motorcycle this summer, you may enjoy hearing the wind blow past you as you cruise down roads however if you like to accompany your journey with some feel good music, then look no further.

Do loud pipes save lives? The Ongoing myth - 19/07/2016

It's a phrase quite commonly used in the motorcycle world and it tends to cause quite a stir amongst riders who each have a very different view on whether this myth is in fact the truth. Here we take a look at both sides of the story to get a better understanding of each side.

Max Symonds at Castle Combe - 18/07/2016

After what felt like a tropical storm last time out at Oulton Park, it was a big relief arriving at my local track Castle Combe under bright sunshine. With this being the only race meeting at Castle Combe this year, I was keen to impress.

Max Symonds at Oulton Park - 21/06/2016

After the overheating problems we suffered during the round at Donington Park to say I was keen to get back out on track was an understatement!

MotoGP Catalunya-Barcelona - 08/06/2016

Last weekend in Spain, an action packed weekend took place at the MotoGP Catalunya. Valentino Rossi claimed his 114th MotoGP victory, adding to his ever expanding collection.

IOM TT 2016: Weekly Round Up - 08/06/2016

Since our last review, the excitement has been non-stop at the IOM TT. With the first race beginning on Saturday evening, the real action has already begun. Here we look at the activity since Wednesday rounding off Practice week and entering race week.

IOM TT 2016: Round up of the action so far - 01/06/2016

The 2016 Isle of Man TT is now fully underway with crowds flocking to the island to watch their favourite stars race around this iconic track. The TT is formatted so that in the first week riders can participate in practice races before taking place in race days in the following week. We have rounded up all the need to know action from the last few days as we head towards the end of practice week.

Biking Gear specifically designed for women - 31/05/2016

As women begin to make more of a stamp in the biking world, we take a look at some biking gear specifically designed for women which enables them to ride their bikes ensuring they have full protection whilst allowing them to ride in a style of their choosing with various ranges of bike wear now available.

Review of Round 6 MotoGP in Mugello, Italy - 24/05/2016

It turned out to be an exciting weekend at the MotoGP in Italy with one of the most thrilling conclusions so far this season. The circuit is a mixture of straights, sweeping curves and tight turns making it a big challenge at this point in the season.

Review of Round 5 of the MotoGP in Le Mans, France - 23/05/2016

A wild weekend took place as the MotoGP headed to France. Lorenzo had a victory in a messy race with multiple incidents, to take the lead in the championship.

Foggy to Parade World Superbike Stars through the streets of Castle Donington - 11/05/2016

To celebrate the arrival of the Superbike World Championship to Castle Donington, it has been announced that Carl Fogarty will be the Champion leading the Superbike Stars through the village in a parade of Superbike celebration.

Review of round 4 MotoGP - Gran Premio Red Bull de Espana - 10/05/2016

Taking place on the 22nd to the 24th April 2016, MotoGP headed to Spain to complete its 4th round of the season this year. This race was expected to be a challenge for the competitors as the conditions would be very different to those that they had experienced already.

British Superbike Championship - Oulton Park - 10/05/2016

The 2nd round of the MCE BSB Championship took place on the 30th April - 2nd May 2016. This saw the greatest riders return for another round of tense racing, this time at the famous Oulton Park.

Review of British Superbike at Silverstone - 28/04/2016

Running from the 8th - 10th April, the British Superbike Championship took place at Silverstone for the season opening of the championship. All of the top riders gathered to compete to increase the points in a chance to win the overall championship.

The Four Seasons of Biking - 27/04/2016

What are the benefits/drawbacks of riding your bike all year round? We have listed these to help make your decision easier on whether it is possible to ride your bike all year round.

MotoGP Review of Round 3 in the Americas - 20/04/2016

After an eventful race in Argentina, the Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas took place on the 8th to 10th of April.

MotoGP Review of Round 2 in Argentina - 12/04/2016

Following on from a pulsating opening round in Qatar, The MotoGP headed to Argentina taking place from the 1st to the 3rd April. Round 2 of the MotoGP took place at the Gran Premio Motul de la Republica track and in turn was filled with its own thrills and spills.

Planning a trip to the Isle of Man TT - 11/04/2016

Taking place on the 28th May - 10th June, the world famous Isle of Man TT is back again for almost 2 weeks of racetrack thrills.

Review of Round 1 of the MotoGP in Qatar - 31/03/2016

MotoGP 2016 kicked off at Qatar on the 17th to the 20th March at the Losail International Circuit. The season started seeing all top 12 riders qualify with a second of each other but despite the intense race, Jorge Lorenzo managed to secure pole position.

Motorbikes in the movies - 29/03/2016

With top films due to be released in the upcoming year, here at MotorCycle Direct we thought we would look back at some top motorbikes in movies well worth remembering.

Bike Leathers Care Guide - 16/03/2016

It is important to treat your leathers regularly, so we have put together some useful tips on how to get that supple leather shine.

Bike Cleaning: Does it do more harm than good - 29/02/2016

We take a look at some of the pros and cons of cleaning your bike on a regular basis.

How to avoid failing your MOT - 22/02/2016

Take a look at our tips on how you can prepare your motorbike for its MOT and increase your chances of it passing along with improving the general maintenance of your motorbike.

Top 10 Bikes for Learners - 02/02/2016

We've compiled a list of the top 10 bikes for learner riders.

Star Wars Inspired Biking - 12/01/2016

With the highly anticipated Star Wars film still booming in the box office, MotorCycle Direct join in the action and take a look at Star Wars inspired motorcycle gear from a galaxy far, far away...

World Ducati Week 2016 - 06/01/2016

Returning this year is the world famous Ducati Week. Recently confirmed, the event will be running from the 1st to the 3rd of July 2016, held at the Misano World Circuit in Italy.

Bike events 2016 - 30/12/2015

We have compiled a list of upcoming events for bikers to look out for in 2016. With only a few weeks of 2015 left, now is a good time to start planning what you want to do next year.

A brief overview of Motorcycle Live 2015 - 23/12/2015

On the 28th November until the 6th December, at the NEC arena in Birmingham the annual Motorcycle Live show took place. The show is renowned for being the biggest and best in the UK attracting a huge audience.

Bikes to look forward to in 2016 - 09/12/2015

With the end of 2015 fast approaching, we have put together a compilation of new bikes being released by leading manufacturers in 2016 so you know what to look out for in the year to come.

Review of bike safety clothing - 08/12/2015

When owning a motorbike not only is it highly important to maintain your bike and keep it serviced and running smoothly, you should also ensure that you keep yourself as safe as possible by wearing the appropriate safety clothing which many people can forget to do time to time. We have put together a list of essential gear to keep you safe on your bike in all weathers.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Bikers - 01/12/2015

With December fast approaching, why not prepare for Christmas with your family and friends with these great biker Christmas gifts. After looking through various shops we have rounded up a selection of gifts that we think will go down well this Christmas.

Moto GP Valencia 2015 - 17/11/2015

On the 8th November the final of the World Moto GP championship took place with the Spanish favourite Jorge Lorenzo taking the world title. With firm pole position throughout the whole race it was a glorious victory for the Spanish rider.

Motorcycle Live 2015 - 09/11/2015

It's getting to that important time of the year for bikers in Britain. It's the top talk of every bike enthusiast, the main event of the year, Motorcycle Live 2015. As many of the leading manufacturers prepare for the event ready to show off new models, have a read through and see what to expect from this motorcycle highlight of the year.

New Season, New Gadget? - 25/03/2013

With each passing month, expectations get a little higher that the UK's weather is about to change...With a glimmer of optimism and a little help from friends in the biking world, MotorCycle Direct (MCD) have looked to the sunny future and pulled together a few choice gadgets for all motorcycling enthusiasts, to make their upcoming riding days that little bit sweeter.

MotorCycle Direct Team up with Castle Combe to Offer a National Bikesafe Track Experience - 31/01/2013

Enter MotorCycle Direct's (MCD) coveted competition to win one of the five sought after places on the National Bikesafe and Castle Combe track experience in Chippenham, Wiltshire on Saturday 20th April 2013.

MotorCycle Direct Release Tips for Safer Riding at Night - 17/01/2013

Even the most experienced bikers are at increased risk of accidents during the darkest and coldest months of the year. Recent reports show 2012 was the second wettest on record, however, with due care and preparation winter night rides can remain both rewarding and enjoyable.

Student Bikers- Preparation is the key - 27/09/2012

For any young biker who is preparing to go off to university this September, questions are sure to arise. For many it will be their first time away from home, which is a frightening prospect in itself, but it comes with the added responsibility of learning to budget, organise and deal with dreaded paperwork.

Motorcycling abroad this summer? It pays to do your research - 09/08/2012

If you're heading off on the open road to the Continent - or beyond - this summer, there are lots of exciting adventures to be had as you discover new routes, stunning scenery, great food and fascinating cultures.

Motorcyclists need protective kit - even in summer - 24/07/2012

Make sure you're kitted out for summer riding so you can grab every opportunity to get out on your bike and enjoy sunshine and blue skies either abroad or at home, as soon as fair weather days arrive.

Fuel VAT Freeze: a welcome reprieve for motorcyclists - 24/07/2012

Amidst all the economic doom and gloom, who could have predicted that motorcyclists would be given a reason to celebrate?

MotorCycle Direct unveil new website - 19/06/2012

MotorCycle Direct are pleased to announce the launch of their brand new website.

Time to improve your motorcycle's fuel economy? - 19/06/2012

The following tips provided by MotorCycle Direct will help your fuel go further.

Bike cleaning tips from MotorCycle Direct - 09/05/2012

A regular bike-cleaning regime will not only help to retain the appearance of your ride but it can ensure greater safety too.

Why bikes are best under government's new road plans - 12/04/2012

Recently, the government has unveiled plans to hand over the responsibility for running motorways and main roads to private companies. This could leave motorists with a dilemma.

MotorCycle Direct offer top tips on reducing Bike Theft - 07/03/2012

Motorbike theft in the UK has always been a problem, however in recent years we have seen bike thefts increase at an astonishing rate.

MotorCycle Direct promotes biker Safety Days - 31/01/2012

MotorCycle Direct is positively encouraging Rider Performance Safety Days to help reduce the number of motorcyclists involved in collisions on the road.

MotorCycle Direct offer Ten top Christmas gift ideas for Bikers - 16/12/2011

If you've got a bike fanatic in your family and you're stuck for great gift ideas then maybe these ten suggestions from MotorCycle Direct can help.

MotorCycle Direct team up with Sorn Insurance - 06/12/2011

New legislation that came into effect in April 2011, means bikers can no longer let bike insurance lapse just because they not using their vehicle.

Winter-proofing motorbikes crucial to valid insurance cover - 01/12/2011

Your motorcycle insurance policy requires that you keep your bike in good, roadworthy condition all year round. Failure to do this can invalidate a motorcycle insurance claim.