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Trends and Predictions for motorcyclists in 2016

With December approaching and the end to 2015 almost near, at MotorCycle Direct we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at trends and predictions to look for in the year of 2016.


  • In 2016 we can expect to see more attempts and designs at electric motorbikes to be used in the UK. With many electric cars now on the roads, it won't be long until seeing an electric bike is not an unusual thing. China are set to dominate the manufacturing of these bikes with much of the production happening there. Next year could possibly be the kick start year for electronic motorbikes with Yamaha also revealing that they are in production of their own that could very well be released next year.
  • Many manufacturers are joining in the mission of having their own line of superbikes. Throughout 2016 we can expect to see more models of superbike being released and also improved versions of already existing models. For example the Suzuki GSXR wasn't supposed to be released till 2017 however Suzuki pushed this date forward due to the high amounts of similarly styled bikes being released meant there was consistently more competitors arising.
  • Many manufacturers are trying to differentiate the looks of their superbikes and a trend which seems to be being made quite frequently is styling in all black. This gives the bikes a sleek look and can add to their sportier designs so this is definitely something to look out for on upcoming models in 2016.
  • Another trend we can expect to see in 2016 is the further increase in high tech developments when it comes to motorbike helmets. We have already seen huge steps in technology with the Skully AR-1 being released. It is expected for other manufacturers to take on this design and base their own models around it. Important features to focus on will be the GPS, rear view camera and hands free option. Many bikers fear there are too many distractions with these extra options so this may be something new models need to focus on, not overloading the rider with all these new functions.
  • In 2016 we can expect to see the re-launch of previous model bikes that have been out of production for a while. There is a new market for classic bikes that is expanding quite consistently. Manufacturers are picking up on this and are putting bikes in for reproduction. An example of this, Triumph are introducing in their new line of Bonneville bikes based on the 1960s and 1970s classic. Also the Triumph Speed Triple is making a return.
  • With technology developing everyday it is no doubt we can expect to see a rise in linking smartphones to security on bikes. There are some that exist already that track movement whilst parked and also can track the bike through GPS. It can be expected that this will soon become a standard security feature on most bikes as more people use their smartphones for different everyday tasks.
  • As seen throughout 2015, more production of airbag jackets is happening across the world. These are highly efficient products which can be vital in the case of an accident. With many brands only releasing them this year, it can be expected that a wider market will become available next year offering different styles, more importantly at different prices.
  • Three wheeled bikes are increasing in popularity and this may be a model to look out for in 2016 as more manufacturers begin to release them. The market is widening for this style of bike as big brands like Harley Davidson are investing money in bringing out such models. This could be the trend setting year for the three wheeler...
  • A trend also looking to develop is that we can expect to see new products from the innovation around motorbike gloves. There has already been production in styles that have a Bluetooth feature that enables you to control smartphones and GPS functions through touching certain areas of your glove. This is the starting point and the trend is likely to continue into 2016 with more styles and varieties appearing.
  • LED Lighting on motorcycles is also something worth looking out for on new bikes being released in 2016. The shine is much sharper and brighter offering a clearer view of the road in difficult conditions. We can expect to see a trend in this lighting as standard on new models released in the next year to come.


  • In 2016, statistics predict that the global demand for motorcycles will rise by 7.2% and be worth approximately £50 billion pounds showing that more people are biking each year and the market is definitely expanding and becoming broader.
  • There are rumours circulating at the moment around ABS on bikes becoming a mandatory feature on any engine over 125cc. The EU has currently voted in favour of this happening so the vote is now passed to individual countries so could this be something to look out for on new bikes in 2016?
  • In 2016 we can predict to see more varieties of smart helmets with advanced features for the riders. Keeping riders safe is a top priority now a days so the creation of these smart helmets will benefit bikers so we can expect to see many manufacturers taking on their own ideas and producing these throughout next year.
  • With the increasing popularity of three wheeled bikes, manufacturers are constantly looking at ways they can produce better models and compete with each other. We can expect to see more information in 2016 around the leaning trike concept. Where trikes would normally sit upright around corners, innovation has bought the idea that if they lean the corners can be taken safer but also at a slightly higher speed. This is a concept we can expect to see much more around next year.
  • The motorbike world for younger bikers is expected to change in 2016. New laws are in place to make changes to the CBT test in hope it will reduce the amount of accidents 16-21 year olds have on the roads. A high percentage of accidents involve this age group so changes are being made in order to try and improve this figure and reduce it. We can expect this changes to be confirmed in 2016.
  • In 2016, we can hope to see further developments around the idea of a solar powered bike. This would be highly environmentally friendly and something worth investing in. We are starting to see models come through such as the lightening superbike.

In 2015 we saw some incredible innovative designs that will change the concept of biking forever. Much of 2016 is predicted to see further developments and improvements on what we saw in 2015. Competitors will take notice of these innovative ideas and no doubt make models of their own. This will create a vast market of hi tech for bikers to choose from which will benefit them as the wider range of products and goods that are available competitors will need to either lower their prices or make their products more desirable and either way the riders will benefit. Much of the problem with the innovative designs being released is that they are not affordable to the everyday brand so looking forward to 2016 let's hope manufacturers can start to consider this as a big factor. If these innovative ideas increase safety whilst riding a bike then surely they should be available to all bikers.