Advice for new Bikers

Are you new to the biking world and looking to get motorcycle insurance cover for the first time? We understand this can be confusing. Motorcycle Direct are here to make this process as easy and straightforward as we can to ensure we help to find you our cheapest motorbike insurance that's built around your personal insurance needs.

With Motorcycle Direct you are covered with a trustworthy brand. As keen motorbike enthusiasts were here to help anyone considering starting to ride a motorcycle.

We know setting out on two wheels for the first time is exciting. Whether you`ve just passed your CBT and want to get out on the road as soon as possible, or may be a young biker still in your first few years of riding, having good motorcycle insurance is extremely important to new riders to offer maximum protection and ultimate peace of mind. Why not include Additional Cover for even more great savings and complete satisfaction.

Typically motorcycle insurance premiums for new riders are likely to be more expensive than experience riders. However, there are ways to help reduce your premium and build a policy for the best motorcycle insurance cover.