The Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the Biker in Your Life

Malcolm Lee MotorCycle Direct Posted: November 27th, 2020

Gift the biker in your life a 'Partridge in a Pear Tree' this Yuletide and the last thing you'll enjoy is a Silent Night. Alternatively, choose one, or more of our Top 10 Christmas Gifts and guarantee their day is packed full with, 'Joy to the World'!

1. Ear Protectors

Even with a suitable crash helmet, ride a motorcycle at 70–mph, and the wind noise can be louder than that generated by the bike itself.

Short periods of exposure can result in tinnitus or some degree of hearing loss. The solution to this problem is to wear ear protectors. What better gift is there for motorcycle riders who want to hear Santa's sleigh bells loud and clear!

Models range from basic to high tech, while even a pack of disposable foam earplugs should get a smile from ear to ear.

2. Motorcycle Books and DVDs

When the weather's too bad to venture out, let the biker in your life while away the nights watching or reading about other riders' battles and two–wheel adventures with the elements.

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman are motorcycle–riding heroes and their round the world jaunts are highly entertaining. The good news the duo's world travels, ‘Long Way Down' and ‘Long Way Around' are available as paperback books and via streaming services.

3. Road Side Assistance Voucher

It's no fun riding in the rain and snow and worse still if you break down. To take the stresses out of motorcycling, why not gift a breakdown coverage voucher?

Both the AA and Green Flag allow third parties to buy road assistance coverage as a ‘gift' for someone else. The same option is available with the RAC, who also offer gift cards for sale at retail outlets.

4. Bike Care Set

Mud and general road grime are bad enough, but nothing eats away at your motorcycle quite like road salt. Ignore it, and not only will it destroy the finish on your bike, but it may also corrode brake callipers and electrical components.

The answer to all these problems is a bike–care kit. These kits usually consist of cleaning fluid, protective spray and hardware such as brushes or scrubbers. All these accessories will help to get the fluid into hard to reach nooks and crannies.

Look out for cleaning fluid that is biodegradable and contains no acids or solvents. You'll be giving a gift that is environmentally as well as motorcycle– friendly.

If you are feeling full of the Christmas spirit, you could also offer to put the kit in action, and help clean the object of your biker's devotion!

5. Helmet Rack

It doesn't matter where a helmet is stored; it always seems to be in the way. A motorcycle helmet stand keeps it in one place. Better yet, with the underside of the helmet open to circulating air, wearers can wave goodbye to damp padding.

Choose from a simple wall–mounted ball hanger or go the whole hog with a free–standing rack built to specifically keep all motorcycle kit aired and in one place.

6. Heated Gloves

In cold weather the body's self–defence system draws blood from its extremities to protect vital organs. When this happens, it's not great news for anyone riding a motorcycle, especially once vibration is added to the mix.

Cold hands can result in a loss of steering control, so a Christmas gift of heated motorcycle gloves is both thoughtful and practical. There's a wide range to choose from, and the majority use rechargeable Li–ion batteries to be 100–per cent hands–free.

Heated gloves are the perfect gift for those that have to battle Jack Frost this winter.

7. Multi–tool

The multi–tool is the biker's equivalent of the Swiss Army knife. Designed to collapse into a compact size, the multi–tool is small enough to keep stashed away on any motorcycle.

When you're looking to gift the perfect multi–tool choose one that incorporates pliers. When it comes to these handy devices, you do get what you pay for, so buy the best you can afford.

If you're buying online, read any relevant reviews before you break open the piggy bank.

8. Novelty Manuals

Motorcycle repair manuals have been around for decades. They are the go–to reading matter for DIY bikers the world over. What a lot of people don't know, however, is the variety of tongue–in–cheek manuals available.

Novelty manuals range from the USS Enterprise repair manual to the International Rescue Technical Manual. The latter has incredibly detailed technical drawings of all your favourite Thunderbird craft.

A novelty manual is a fun gift for the two–wheeled geek in your life.

9. Photo Stick

Did you know one in three people lose their pictures either from technical problems or from phone loss or damage?

If you know a snap–happy biker, why not invest in a photo stick? These cool devices are large capacity USB sticks with multiple heads that are compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac and Windows computers.

All the user has to do is connect the device to a Smartphone, load the selected photos onto the stick and transfer them to a computer.

Before investing in a photo stick for the biker in your life, double–check their device is compatible with the stick.

10. Disc Lock Alarm

Having a motorcycle stolen is a nightmare. Although the market is full of all kinds of effective anti–theft devices, one of the best value has to be the disc lock alarm.

This type of device attaches to a front or rear disc brake and features a built–in alarm that activates when the bike is moved.

Ideally, you should choose a model that is 100dB or above and don't forget to add a ‘reminder cable.' Disc lock alarms make the ideal biker–friendly gift as they are small, portable and provide added peace of mind.

Christmas is a time of giving, so show the biker in your life you care by choosing one, or more, of our Top 10 Christmas Gifts.