Moto GP Valencia 2015

By: Dave MotorCycle Direct Posted: November 17th, 2015

On the 8th November the final of the World Moto GP championship took place with the Spanish favourite Jorge Lorenzo taking the world title. With firm pole position throughout the whole race it was a glorious victory for the Spanish rider. Following in second place came Marc Marquez closely followed by Dani Pedrosa. Previous leader on the scoreboard Valentino Rossi came in an unfortunate 4th place despite leading with points resulting in him losing his chance at world title. Lorenzo's win was followed by speculation that his victory had been assisted by Marquez's lack of pursuit to overtake and take the lead, sabotaging any chances that Rossi had of winning the title. Rossi believed that Marquez was deliberately protecting Lorenzo despite the riders being from different teams. There was much speculation around this as many believe the Hondas were much faster and highly capable of overtaking Lorenzo but no effort was made to do so. Marquez reported that he found it very insulting that he was being told he didn't try and win as he felt that every time he goes out onto the track his aim is to win.

Despite having to start the race at the back of the grid due to the recent incident in Malaysia where Marquez crashed due to apparent contact from Rossi, Rossi still fought hard for the title even managing to overtake 8 riders on the first corner of the track. His efforts didn't go unmissed however in the final laps he was unable to make the distance of the 11 second gap between him and the podium leaders meaning he lost his chances of winning. The only chance he had is if something happened to the riders in front or if Lorenzo was to come in 3rd place. Unfortunately this is not how things spun out for Rossi meaning his chances of winning were well out of reach in the final few laps much to his anger.

Rossi reportedly was very unhappy about the lack of sportsmanship around his defeat by Jorge Lorenzo as he reportedly refused to make an appearance at the end of season FIM awards ceremony with Yamaha stating he was unable to attend due to illness. Many speculate he was too infuriated to attend after stating he felt he had been stitched up by his opponents and the organisers behind Moto GP in order for him to lose his chance at victory.

Despite all the action that did take place, in the end it was a firm victory from Lorenzo with the whole race becoming the most watched GP race of all time with a record amount of TV viewers of roughly 9,673,699 three times more than last year. Perhaps the events leading up to this year's final increased anticipation for the viewers making more tune in to see how this world championship unravelled.

Lap Times and Placing order

1st Place - Jorge Lorenzo - in a lap time of 45min 59.364 seconds.

2nd Place - Marc Marquez - in a lap time of 45min 59.627 seconds.

3rd Place - Dani Pedrosa - in a lap time of 46 mins 00.018 seconds.

The Venue

The Circuito de la Comunitat Valencia

This was the location of the 2015 final. This circuit was finished in 1999 and has several layouts which each vary in length. The Moto GP track is 4km long with five right hand corners, 8 left hand corners and a 650m straight. The pit lane has around 48 garages for various teams whilst the stadiums seat approximately 150,000 people. Each stand has clear views of the whole circuit making it a great race venue to attend.