Review of bike safety clothing

By: Dave MotorCycle Direct Posted: December 8th, 2015

When owning a motorbike not only is it highly important to maintain your bike and keep it serviced and running smoothly, you should also ensure that you keep yourself as safe as possible by wearing the appropriate safety clothing which many people can forget to do time to time. We have put together a list of essential gear to keep you safe on your bike in all weathers:


The most important thing when riding your motorcycle. You must ensure that they are British Standards 6658:1985 or ECE regulation 22:05 for maximum protection. Full face helmets provide more protection than those without the face part. This can be important should there ever be an incident where you should come off your bike and having full face protection can benefit you even in bad weather by keeping wind, rain and dirt out of your eyes. If a full face helmet is not for you then ensure you wear a pair of goggles to keep the elements out of your eyes. To make yourself even safer you can now purchase fluorescent coloured helmets meaning you are seen clearer by other drivers, again increasing your safety.


Wearing proper footwear can maximise protection of your lower leg. Ensure whatever footwear you have on is of a strong, versatile material that will not corrode over time. Wearing boots that are waterproof will keep your feet warm and dry ensuring you have full control of the pedals on the bike. However ensure what boots you do wear are not too chunky making it difficult for you to position your feet comfortably. Boots that come with an internal ankle, heel and toe protector will give extra support and protect these areas particularly in the event the bike should fall over onto the rider's lower leg.


Wearing gloves is a must when it comes to riding your motorcycle. In the event of a fall when your hands come into contact with the road surface there is undoubtedly going to be a large amount of damage caused without gloves. Leather gloves are a must as they are very resistant to corrosion and are highly protective in the event of an accident. Making sure your gloves have knuckle armour on will also reduce the chances of your hand being damaged should it come into contact with any surface. The armour will provide that extra bit of thick material between your hand and the ground. Ensuring that the gloves are waterproof will mean that your hands are kept warm and not cold and damp which will affect the control you have of your bike. You may also want to consider heated gloves, especially useful in winter to keep your hands toasty.


Leather provides the best protection when it comes to a jacket. Make sure the leather is at least 1.2mm thick, any thinner and it may not be adequate enough. If a leather jacket is not for you then the next best you can buy is a waterproof jacket. These thick jackets are made from Gore-Tex material which is hard core and resistant and good to wear all year round. Ensuring your jacket has a thermal layer will ensure that you keep the warmth inside. Recently all of these factors have been incorporated into an inflatable air jacket, which in the event of a fall or impact to the rider, inflates reducing the amount of impact directly to the rider's body.


Protecting the lower half of your body is very important as this is the part that is most at risk in the event of an accident. Ensure the trousers you wear are fitted with knee pads, to help prevent impact to your knees and provide a thick protection in the event of a skid across the floor. You can buy one/two piece suits which provide pads for the shoulders, elbows and knees, all areas which are liable to damage. Buying trousers with a durable material can be more comfortable in summer months than leather, however still provide a good amount of protection.

Back Protectors

Back protectors provide that extra protection for your spine and lower back, some of the most important areas to protect. Back protectors can either be bought with an attached brace allowing you to strap them in place to keep secure. Alternatively many jackets can be purchased with large pockets ready for a back protector to be inserted. The protectors come in all sizes to suit all body shapes, so ensure it fits you correctly.

Hi Visibility clothing

High visibility clothing is another important part of safety particularly in the dark winter months. Not just relying on the lights on your bike for other drivers to see you is a great way to increase your safety. You can purchase a lot of biking gear in high visibility colours now, including jackets, gloves, suits, waistcoats, bibs, helmets, trousers and arm/ankle bands. All of these will increase your chances of being seen quicker by other drivers which can reduce your chances of being involved in an incident.

By using almost all of these items on this list you are ensuring you are at your safest when riding your motorcycle.