Bikes to look forward to in 2016

By: Colin MotorCycle Direct Posted: December 9th, 2015

With the end of 2015 fast approaching, we have put together a compilation of new bikes being released by leading manufacturers in 2016 so you know what to look out for in the year to come.


Triumph are in the lead to release a few bikes in 2015. The Bonneville T120 is a long awaited release with its all new high torque engine, ABS standards and rider modes featuring on this new model inspired by the legendary 59 Bonneville. This is certainly one for the nostalgic bikers to keep their eyes peeled on.

Triumph are also due to release their popular Tiger Explorer 1200. It was the UK's third bestselling bike in 2014 so they are making improvements ready for the new model release in 2016. Triumph were keen to get this new model released in order to keep up with their main competitor BMW. The new Tiger has cornering ABS, semi active suspension and an electric screen, all essential to keep up with other rival models. This will be a bike worth considering for the keen explorers in the biking world.


Honda are due to release their Honda CB500X in 2016. Updates include LED lighting at the front, adjustable suspension and also a slightly taller windscreen than previously. The bike itself has been redesigned to give the rider the clearest views possible of the road and allowing them to shift position to increase their ability to manoeuvre. These features will help to ensure the bike stays on the same tracks as its competitors.

Another new release due for Honda next year is the Africa Twin. Based on the model that ruled the adventure category back in 1988, this new model is fabulous in all ways. With a redesigned 1000cc, ABS control, adjustable seat height and new modern colour schemes. With various optional accessories to add you can personalise the bike to suit your preferences. This is a certain choice for the adventurer in you.


Suzuki are due to release their new GSX R1000 next year. The brand new MotoGP bike suited for the road comes with an all new four cylinder engine, traction control, Brembo Brakes and Driving modes giving it immense torque and great performance. The GSX R1000 is a force on its own and a sure rival for its competitors.


Yamaha are extending their successful MT naked range with the new release of the MT03. The bike has been redesigned in Yamahas flip up to attract a wider market. This bike in particular will attract those riders with an A2 licence. It has a parallel twin motor engine with a 321cc. This bike is yet to be confirmed for release in the UK but with the success of the other models in the range, it is worth keeping an eye out for.

Another bike due for release in 2016 is the Yamaha MT10. This bike reflects power in all areas. Its design, look and build is that of one not to be messed with. The new model comes with an enhanced rider position, High spec ABS braking system and a 998cc cross plane engine for increased torque. This bike really is going to be pretty spectacular to the eye and is certainly one to look out for in 2016.


Ducati have given their Panigale 899 a boost for 2016. It will be released as the 959 Panigale. Improvements such as the engine being changed to a 955cc engine increasing torque and a new sleek redesigned look. This bike is just one of nine confirmed changes to come from the Ducati range in 2016, a top year to become a Ducati rider.


Due for upcoming release in 2016 is the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. The Japanese have pulled out all the stops on this bike, a new model which will come with a new lightweight exhaust, improved electronic systems and new and improved aero-dynamics. This bike is guaranteed to be one step up from the 2015 model and a definite eye catcher.