Top 10 Bikes for Learners

By: Dave MotorCycle Direct Posted: February 2nd, 2016

1. Piaggio Fly 50cc - Light and easy to handle with a sleek style. This bike is a great option to get yourself onto two wheels. The 50cc engine makes it eligible for 16year olds to ride it along with others who have just passed their CBT (compulsory basic training). Brand new these bikes cost around £1700 but second hand you can pick one up depending on age for roughly £500-£1200.

2. Kymco Agility 50cc - A light and agile bike, perfect for beginners but still provides a fun experience. Brand new these bikes cost £1199 but you can pick them up second hand for roughly £500-£1000.

3. Aprilia SR Motard 50cc - It's streamlined and sporty style is lightweight making it responsive and a pleasurable ride, ideal for anyone who is new to the biking world. Brand new these bikes cost around £1900 and second hand you can pick them up for roughly £800-£900.

4. Yamaha Aerox 50cc - This high spec sports scooter has great acceleration along with 190mm front and rear disc brakes make the handling sharp and the overall bike highly responsive. Still at 50cc is a great bike to build up some experience on being on the road. Brand new these bikes will set you back around £2200 but second hand you could probably get one for around £1000.

5. Baotian Falcon 50R - This bike has a 2 stroke engine and highly effiecient front and rear disc brakes. An eye catching design with bespoke alloy wheels which flatter the bikes image. The 50cc engine is a perfect starter bike for anyone who is new to the business.

6. Peugeot Speedfight 4 50cc - With a sports styled body, this bike is guaranteed to turn heads. The bike is designed with the rider in mind, making it one of the most popular 50cc bikes for Peugeot to produce. Brand new this bike costs roughly £1800 and second hand can be picked up for around £950.

7. Piaggio Zip - Has a two stroke engine that is environmentally friendly making it very economical. Its light and agile body makes it an extremely easy bike to ride with added comforts including a height adjustable seat. Brand new this bike costs around £1300 and second hand it can be bought for around £650.

8. Peugeot Streetzone 50cc - The bike that is styled with an attitude with an appearance sure to turn heads. Its lightweight body and cleverly designed patterned tyres make it a exhilarating ride. With a 50cc air cooled 2 stroke motor, this bike is keen to impress. Brand new it costs around £1500 and a second hand buy will set you back roughly £900.

9. Honda Vision 50cc - This bike was designed by Honda to perform but engineered to be safe. The engine is reliable as any other Honda and the bike is fitted with a Combined Braking System(CBS) which links the rear and front brakes bringing any driver of any experience to a safe stop. Brand new the bike will set you back £1900 and second hand roughly £1000.

10. Direct Bikes Sports Moped 50cc - This brand is one of the top selling brands in the UK. Has a sporty sleek design with a 4 stroke engine making it a very manageable bike to ride, perfect for anyone new to 2 wheels. You can pick one up on the Direct Bike website for £599.