British Superbike Championship - Oulton Park

By: Dave MotorCycle Direct Posted: May 10th, 2016

The 2nd round of the MCE BSB Championship took place on the 30th April - 2nd May 2016. This saw the greatest riders return for another round of tense racing, this time at the famous Oulton Park. As before, the weekend has been split into a Test session, Free Practice, Warm Up, Race 1 and Race 2. In the final races the riders have the chance to gain as many points as possible to get ahead in the championship.

Race 1

The first race was mostly dominated by Haslam who eventually took the win. This is his first win since his comeback to the MCE Championship. After a slightly sticky start to the race Haslam managed to smoothly get to front position from fifth place. He then found himself in a constant battle for the lead in between Iddon and Linfoot. With only two laps to go Linfoot suffered a major mishap and crashed out on the exit of the chicane. This meant that Haslam was now securely in the lead and defended this strongly until the end. Iddon managed to secure himself a second place with Ellison coming in third completing the podium line up. Michael Laverty had a nightmare of a start to the race however he managed to climb his way up and ride away with a 6th place much to his delight. Towards the end of the race it was a real battle of the motorcycles as Haslam passed three riders in 3 laps making his victory one to be proud of.

Race 2

After a dramatic first race, the anticipation for the second race was at a high. The victory overall went to Richard Cooper who had a huge success after an impulsive overtake on the last corner led him to his success. Cooper did lead for the majority of the race but was passed by Iddon coming up to the last lap, leading to a very tense close to the race. He eventually did win by 0.135 seconds a very close call. Iddon will be sure to be disappointed on missing out on this win. In a late desperate attempt Haslam managed to hold onto his 3rd place whilst Ellison was placed in 5th. Just before the sighting lap the heavens opened and there was a huge downpour making it unknown what the conditions were going to be like as the track started to show signs of drying. All the teams had opted for different tyre choices as it appeared to be a guessing game. Linfoot had the best drive on the wet but when the track started to dry the others gained heat in their tyres much quicker than he did. In the final 3 laps, Iddon closed in on Cooper just as the rain flags began to come out. Each rider managed to hold their position with the exception of Cooper who took on Iddon on the last corner, as a result of Iddon over braking. This allowed Cooper to shoot past and steal the victory from Iddon's Grasp.


Race 1:

  • 1. Leon Haslam - GBR
  • 2. Christian Iddon - GBR
  • 3. James Ellison - GBR
  • 4. Jason O'Halloran - AUS
  • 5. Alastair Seeley - GBR
  • 6. Michael Laverty - GBR
  • 7. Jack Kennedy - IRE
  • 8. Shane Byrne - GBR
  • 9. Richard Cooper - GBR
  • 10. Billy McConnell - AUS
  • 11. John Hopkins - USA
  • 12. Peter Hickman - GBR
  • 13. Glenn Irwin - GBR
  • 14. Lee Jackson - GBR
  • 15. Tommy Bridewell - GBR

Race: 2

  • 1. Richard Cooper GBR
  • 2. Christian Iddon GBR
  • 3. Leon Haslam GBR
  • 4. James Ellison GBR
  • 5. Michael Laverty GBR
  • 6. Shane Byrne GBR
  • 7. Glenn Irwin GBR
  • 8. Jason O'Halloran AUS
  • 9. Jack Kennedy IRE
  • 10. Stuart Easton GBR
  • 11. Howie Mainwaring Smart GBR
  • 12. Peter Hickman GBR
  • 13. Lee Jackson GBR
  • 14. Tommy Bridewell GBR
  • 15. Jakub Smrz CZE

Current Championship Standings:

  • 1. Christian Iddon - 72 points
  • 2. Shane Byrne - 58 points
  • 3. Michael Laverty - 56 points
  • 4. Leon Haslam - 36 points
  • 5. Jason O'Halloran - 36 points
  • 6. Richard Cooper - 41 points