Biking Gear specifically designed for women

By: Dave MotorCycle Direct Posted: May 31st, 2016

As women begin to make more of a stamp in the biking world, we take a look at some biking gear specifically designed for women which enables them to ride their bikes ensuring they have full protection whilst allowing them to ride in a style of their choosing with various ranges of bike wear now available.


Motorcycle helmets are not necessarily designed size wise for women, they are very much built the same way as men's motorcycle helmets however the main difference you will find are that the designs and colours of the helmets are more suited for women. Many designs include flowers and more feminine colours such as pinks, whites, purples and reds. However if this is not the style wanted then women can also buy from the men's section if they want a more sophisticated, sharp image.

Motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle Jackets

A jacket is a key essential to ensure you're protected whilst out riding. Jackets are now available for women which are flattering for them and offer a smart fitted style. Women have so much choice now that they can even choose different jackets for the changing seasons. In summer when conditions are warmer women can choose from jackets that are thinner but offer the same protection as leathers. Jackets such as Quilted, GoreTex and Leather look jackets with plenty of ventilation for those warmer days. For those wanting to look that little bit smarter, there are a range of city jackets available. These fitted jackets have a wax effect look to them but also come in leather offering a smarter look for city riders. There are vast choices of styles of leather jackets available to suit all.

Motorcycle jacket

Other Motorbike Clothing

Leather trousers offer a large amount of protection to the lower part of the body but can get slightly warm to wear so tend to be worn in colder months. An alternative to these would be textile trousers. Slightly lighter than leathers and good for use in warm weather, alongside motorcycle jeans. These offer slightly less protection than alternatives however are a much cooler option. Women can also choose from specifically designed base layers including fitted tops, trousers and the option for balaclava and neck tubes. Women can now find, specifically designed for them, full motorcycle leathers for increased protection.

Motorcycle clothing


Alongside all other gear, women now have a vast variety of protective foot wear to choose from, with heeled boots, ankle boots, combat boots, trainer style shoes, and knee high boots. Having so much choice means women can ensure they are wearing the correct kind of shoe for them. It is becoming more popular to see heeled boots available as they can help when riding a bike that is slightly higher than the rider.

Motorcycle boots


Women can now find gloves better fitted to the size of their hands. Rather than having gloves that are too big and more suited for men's hands, women can now choose brands designed with them in mind. From gloves with armour on, heated gloves, to leather gloves there is a huge array of choice. Various colours and styles again mean that women can now find gloves in a style which suits them.

Motorcycle gloves

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