IOM TT 2016: Round up of the action so far

By: Colin MotorCycle Direct Posted: June 1st, 2016

The 2016 Isle of Man TT is now fully underway with crowds flocking to the island to watch their favourite stars race around this iconic track. The TT is formatted so that in the first week riders can participate in practice races before taking place in race days in the following week. We have rounded up all the need to know action from the last few days as we head towards the end of practice week.

Saturday 28th May

On the Saturday we saw the Solo Newcomers' speed controlled lap, the Sidecar Newcomers' speed controlled lap and the Supersport/Lightweight/Newcomers (all solo classes). In the Lightweight classes the fastest laps came from Ivan Lintin riding his Kawasaki. His fastest lap came in at 19.23.180 with a top speed of 116.77mph. Also, James Hillier managed on his Kawasaki a lap time of 19:47.918 with a top speed of 114.341. Finally the third fastest of this qualifier came from James Cowton again on a Kawasaki with a lap time of 19:59.609 with a top speed of 113.227. This gave the riders some much needed confidence ahead of race days next week.

In the Supersport classes the fastest laps came from Dean Harrison, Ian Hutchinson and Michael Dunlop who each managed a lap time within a second, even less, of each other at 18:13.4, 18:14.0 and 18:14.9. Kawasaki seem to be leading when it comes to the fastest lap times showing that their bikes are in strong form this year.

Monday 30th May

After a break for the riders on Sunday, Monday saw the Superbike, Superstock, Supersport Newcomers (except Lightweight) and Sidecars. In the Superbike section Ian Hutchinson took the fastest lap on his BMW at 17:25.117 followed shortly after by Michael Dunlop at 17:27.491 and then John McGuinness at 17:33.987. These tight times between the fastest laps mean anything can happen when it comes to race day.

Riders in the Isle of Man TT

In the Superstock class, the fastest lap time came from Dean Harrison on his Kawasaki, followed by Michael Dunlop in his BMW and the Peter Hickman on another Kawasaki. These times were not as close together as previous sessions coming in at 17:40.793, 17:51.827 and 18:00.354. Perhaps the competitors are saving it all for race day?

In the Supersport class the fastest time came from Dean Harrison on his Kawasaki at 18:11.329 with a big gap between the second fastest who was Lee Johnstone on his Triumph, who rode in at 18:31.145 with a close follow by Steve Mercer on his Honda with 18:32.730. Perhaps Dean Harrison has set himself up for an action packed race day with that impressive time!

Tuesday 31st May

On Tuesday the Superbike, Superstock, and Supersport Newcomers (except Lightweight) took place along with the Supersport Lightweight Newcomers and Sidecars. In the Superbike round, the fastest lap came from Ian Hutchinson on his BMW motorcycle with a time of 17:19.826. Followed then by John McGuinness on his Honda motorcycle at 17:27.914 with a close follow from Peter Hickman on his Kawasaki motorcycle with a time of 17:28.457. This close time could lead to a challenging final race in this class.

In the Superstock Class the fastest lap came from Ian Hutchinson with a time of 17:35.195 followed closely by Michael Ritter at 17:37.610 and then with a bit of a gap before third fastest Peter Hickman came in at 17:46.948.

In the Supersport round, the lap times were closer together than previous times that day. The fastest lap came from Bruce Anstey on his Honda motorcycle with a time of 18:10.922. Followed closely by Dean Harrison on his Kawasaki Motorcycle at 18:13.561. Then came Ian Hutchinson on his Yamaha motorcycle with a time of 18:17.536. These close times call for a tense final race to see who can pull it out the bag.

In the Sidecar race, the fastest lap came from John and Andrew with their LCR. They came in at 20:00.398 followed by Ian and Carl Bell with their LCR and a time of 20:02.260 followed then by Dave molyneux and his team mate Daniel on their Honda with a time of 20:07.608.

Following on from this was the Lightweight Newcomers where the fastest lap came from Ivan Martin on his Kawasaki motorcycle with a time of 19:11.080. He was then followed by Martin Jessop on his Kawasaki motorcycle with a time of 19:42.435. After this came Stefano Bonetti with a time of 19:45.122. With a comfortably fast lap time, Ivan Martin could be up for a victory this year. With more action to follow this week, this year's IOM TT is setting out to be as action packed and thrilling as we all expected it to be.

In a sad turn of events, in a practice session of the 850cc Classic practice session on Friday 27th May, motorcyclist Jamie O'Brien was involved in an accident at Billdown dip which has put him in hospital with reports he is in a serious but stable condition. This crash unfortunately cost the life of fellow rider Dean Rider who was caught up in the accident. Along with Mr O'Brien, a race marshal was also airlifted to hospital with reports he was badly injured. A second marshal also suffered ankle and shoulder injuries and was also taken to hospital. The race at this point was abandoned and an investigation is currently taking place into the circumstances of the crash.


Bikers on Mad Sunday at the Isle of Man TT

On Sunday at the IOM TT, Mad Sunday takes place where people visiting the event can take to the tracks to ride their own bikes and discover what it feels like for the riders going round this course. Police said this year visitors showed remarkable road safety standards compared to previous years. There were a reported 4 accidents that day compared to dozens in previous years. Riders showed great respect to speed limits and demonstrated sensible behaviour. This may be due to the threat from police prior to the event of clearing the entire course should the majority of riders disrespect the rules put in place. It seems the riders listened as it was a fun, safe day for all.

The Rest of the Week

The scheduled action for the rest of the week is as follows:

Date Scheduled Action

Wednesday 1st June

- 18:20hrs - 19:50hrs Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
- 19:55hrs - 20:50hrs Sidecars

Thursday 2nd June

- 18:20hrs - 19:25hrs Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
- 19:25hrs - 19:55hrs Supersport/Lightweight/Newcomers (all solo classes)
- 20:00hrs - 20:50hrs Sidecars

Friday 3rd June

- 18:20hrs - 19:45hrs Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
- 19:50 hrs - 20:35hrs Sidecars
- 20:35 hrs - 20:50hrs TT Zero Challenge

Saturday 4th June

- 11:00hrs RST Superbike TT Race 6 laps
- 14:00hrs Sure Sidecar TT Race 1 3 laps
- 15:55hrs - 16:30hrs Supersport/Lightweight Qualifying
- 16:35hrs - 16:50hrs TT Zero Challenge Qualifying

Monday 6th June

- 10:45hrs Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 1 4 laps
- 12:25hrs - 13:05hrs Sidecar qualifying (2 laps)
- 14:00hrs RL360 Superstock TT Race 4 laps
- 16:07hrs TT Lightweight Qualifying (1 lap)
- 16:28hrs TT Zero Challenge Qualifying

Wednesday 8th June

- 10:45hrs Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 2 4 laps
- 12:35hrs Sidecar qualifying (1 lap)
- 13:45hrs Bennetts Lightweight TT Race 4 laps
- 15:40hrs - 16:00hrs Senior TT Qualifying
- 16:25hrs SES TT Zero Race 1 lap

Friday 10th June

- 10:15 hrs Sure Sidecar TT Race 2 3 laps
- 12:45hrs Pokerstars Senior TT Race 6 laps