London revealed as UK Breakdown Capital for Motorbikes

By: Dave MotorCycle Direct Posted: August 4th, 2016

The RAC has pulled together findings based on the number of callouts they received in 2015 which has revealed that London is the capital for motorbike breakdowns. In fact, the top five breakdown spots are all based in London making it the breakdown capital.

In 2015 there were a total of 27,000 call outs responded to by the RAC. These callouts were higher in the areas of Southwark, Camden, Isle of Dogs, Battersea and Croydon, all of which are in the London area. The roads which many motorists got caught out on included the M25, M4, M1, M6 and M5. The M25 proved to be the most popular location for breakdown callouts.

The statistics were put together following a busy year for the RAC in 2015. Trends showed that for motorbike breakdowns, the busiest time for callouts were Easter weekend and the first few days of spring, with many bikes out for their first venture after the long winter months. With the majority of breakdowns happening on the motorway, it's extremely important for bikers to keep safe if they find themselves in this situation. Here are some useful tips for motorway breakdowns:

  • Where possible stop on a hard shoulder, if not pull over to the left as much as possible away from passing traffic.
  • Move to a safe place. Do not stand by your vehicle or sit on your motorbike near the passing traffic. Get to safety behind a motorway barrier where possible.
  • Once in a safe place then call your breakdown provider. If no signal is available where you have broken down try to locate a nearby phone at the side of the motorway.
  • If there isn't a safe place where you can pull over and you fear your bike and even yourself could be struck, then call the police and inform them of your location immediately.

There are things you can do to avoid breakdowns. Checking your tyre tread and pressure means you can look at the general condition of your tyres before you go out on the road which may result in you spotting a problem before you are out on a ride and it is too late. Checking oil and water levels including brake fluid can also avoid any problems while out riding.