Motorcycle Security

By: Colin MotorCycle Direct Posted: August 11th, 2016

Bike security should be considered with high importance to protect your prized possession. You may think that your bike is as safe as it can be however bikes are stolen to order, sold as parts and can be outside of the country before you realise they have been stolen. So why is it that many bikers still choose not to protect their bike with a security device?

Unsecured bikes can easily be lifted into a van or even just pushed away by said thief. The less security that's visible on your bike the more likely thieves are going to target it. In contrast to a bike with high security systems attached, which would deter thieves due to likely complications involved with security systems. If this isn't a good enough reason to increase the security on your bike then consider the fact that spending money on security could save you money on your insurance. Many motorcycle insurance companies will reduce premiums subject to the security you have on your bike as it is often considered less of a risk. Keeping your bike safe and away from thieves is the number one priority. Here are some ways you can improve your bikes chances of not being stolen:

Alarm & Immobilisers

Having a quality fitted Thatcham approved and professionally fitted alarm system will complicate things for any thief. It is always worth paying the extra for a manufacturer fitted alarm or ones fitted in the factory by an approved technician. Modern bikes often have complex electrical systems for various aspects of the bike, which can mean that any badly fitted alarm system can mess up the dynamics of the bike.

Tag your Motorcycle

Datatags, Alphadots or Smart waters will enable your bike to be traced back to you sooner should it be stolen. If you haven't got the budget for a system like these then perhaps consider marking your vehicle yourself. This could simply be done with a UV pen adding your details to the bike so it can be traced back to you.

Motorcycle Locks

These are considered the simplest deterrent for thieves. Having large cables/locks across your bike automatically gives the thief the impression that this is going to be hard work to get off. For this reason many are automatically put off and will look elsewhere, result! Ensure your bike is chained to an immobile object and if possible link the chain through the frame of a bike as a wheel might not do the job if a thief is determined enough.

Park in a safe and secure area

When out and about you should always consider where you leave your bike especially if you are in an area that you are not familiar with. When leaving your bike always ensure that it is locked to something that is secured to the ground and not movable, such as lamps, stands, road signs and security loops.

Following these steps will improve your chances of your bike not being stolen in the first place and tracing it much sooner if it is stolen.