Modified Bikes

By: Colin MotorCycle Direct Posted: September 1st, 2016

Modifying your bike appeals to many bikers enabling you to customise your bike to suit you. There are hundreds of ways you can modify your bike from small minor changes to big mechanical ones, each of which will have a varying effect on look and performance. Changing your bike in just a small way can make it feel more unique to you. Whether you're keen on modifying your bike or still on the fence over whether or not to make those changes, we have put together some useful information for you.

Common motorcycle modifications

  • Paint Job: the easiest way to personalise your bike.
  • Suspension: can dramatically improve a bikes feel. A popular choice are the Ohlin's suspenders.
  • Calipers: assist with braking, can improve the performance of your bike.
  • Akrapovic end cans: enhance the sound of your motorbike particularly those with a larger engine.
  • Air Filters: these allow your bike to breathe and can increase durability.
  • Windscreen: deflects wind from the riders face increasing comfort of the ride
  • LED lighting: can enhance the bikes features and more importantly be more visible to other traffic than standard fitted lighting.
  • Frame Sliders: these can protect your frame from coming into contact with the ground in the event of an accident or if the bike fell to the ground.

If you are considering modifying your bike in any way it is important that you consult your insurer before doing so as it may affect your premium. It is important you do make your insurer aware of any modifications especially should you find yourself making a claim at a later point in time. Many insurers may even cover the modification you have in mind as standard. At MotorCycle Direct we understand you want the flexibility to adapt your bike to suit your needs and so cover 16 modifications as standard, as follows:

  • Disability Adapted
  • Air Filter Changes
  • Bar Ends
  • Braided Hoses
  • Decals/Stickers (unless 'Race Replica')
  • Grippers
  • Heated Grips
  • Huggers
  • Lights/Indicators/Mirrors
  • 'Scott' Oilers
  • Screen Changes
  • Seat Replacement/Changes
  • Seat Cowl/Single Seat Units
  • Sissy Bars (long back rest)
  • Tail Tidy
  • Tank Pad

If the modification you are thinking of putting on your bike is not included as standard with your insurer then be sure to contact them as they may need to adjust your premium to reflect the modification. It is really important to ensure you speak to your motorbike insurer if you have just modified or are considering modifying your bike.

Please note: this blog is purely for informational purposes not advice. If you have any doubts around modifying your bike and you are insured with Motorcycle Direct, please contact our bike team.