Audio & Communication Equipment for Bikers

By: Colin MotorCycle Direct Posted: September 7th, 2016

Bikers today have a variety of electronic accessories available to them and their bike. These electronics can enhance your journey and make it a more pleasurable ride for you on your bike. From headphones to talking to your biker friends, there is sure to be a kit to suit your needs. Here we take a look at the various devices available for bikers currently in the market.


You can purchase a variety of stereos for your bike if headphones aren't really your thing. They can be fitted to your bikes handlebars allowing for easy access when on a ride. Additionally they are all waterproof for essential reasons, Mother Nature is not always the kindest! This means that the speakers can be used in all kinds of weather, useful if you are one to ride your bike no matter what the weather is. Most speakers come with USB ports so you can plug in your MP3 devices easily. If not, then a stereo with Bluetooth connectivity is another option. Many music devices have Bluetooth functionality included, this cancels out the need for cables which can get in the way. If you don't fancy having your music playing out through a stereo then you may want to consider fitted headphones.

Bluetooth Earphones

If you occasionally like to listen to music whilst out on your bike but don't want to invest high amounts of money into an audio system then Bluetooth earphones may be the answer. Link these up to any device and stream music directly to your earphones. They can be fitted to the inside of your helmet to make for a comfortable listening experience. If you are linked up to a mobile device then you can take phone calls hands-free for ease.

Phone mount

Ideal for those bikers who tend to use their mobiles for many reasons including calling, music streaming and sat nav. Mount your phone on the front of your bike so you can always have it easily accessible when you need it most. Particularly useful if you are following a sat nav set up through your phone.

Bluetooth Kits

Bluetooth kits can be fitted to your helmet, incorporating microphone, earphones, speakers and a Bluetooth function. Some kits can also come with voice command control to allow for hands free use all the time. Bluetooth kits can act as an intercom with other riders if they have the same kit, enabling communication with your fellow biker friends.

Intercom Kits

Intercom kits allow hands free communication between riders. These can be extremely useful if you are riding out with other people and you need to communicate an emergency situation or a change in route. The kits come with headphones and a speaker for communication. The other riders will require the same device as you in order to be able to communicate. Some packs such as the Intercom Cellular come in a twin pack, allowing communication between two riders as well as acting as a music listening device and taking phone calls.

Futuristic Helmets

You can buy helmets that come fitted with many of these devices already, which may save you money. The helmets come fitted with a speaker and a microphone already and can be connected to a device controlled by your voice. The headphones can also be linked up to GPS devices which is beneficial for directions. Ensure that the helmet you buy is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones in case you change your mobile in the future.