Pembrey Race Circuit - Two Day Test

By: Max Symonds MotorCycle Direct Posted: September 27th, 2016

Max Symonds at Pembrey Race Circuit.

Having not been out on the bike since the Brands Hatch GP British Superbike round (over a month ago) the first session back on track at Pembrey Race Circuit was a bit of a shock to the system! Especially with the track half wet half dry, I had to be focused and accurate from the off to prevent a silly crash that could easily cause injury to me or my bike.

Fortunately, the sun soon came out and I was able to get somewhere in between 150-170 laps over the two-day test allowing me to get the bike moving around and have some fun in a more relaxed environment compared to the usual craziness of a race weekend. Taking only 1 minute (give or take a couple of seconds) to complete a lap, the 20-minute sessions seemed to go on forever really giving me a chance to push the bike to the maximum and find the limit of the grip in many corners that is not always possible on longer circuits. There were a couple of corners which were particularly tricky. One being Hatchets Hairpin where using a lot of back break led to me and the bike skidding sideways on the entry before dropping it on its side for the apex. The other being Dibeni 1 where on fast laps I would consistently be dragging my elbow on the floor at the apex.

Max Symonds at Pembrey Race Circuit.

The mission of the weekend was to put in lots of laps to get me back up to speed and comfortable on the bike before the Thundersport GB race meeting in two weeks' time on the 23rd-25th September. The gift of two days of sunshine in Wales made sure this was achieved and it even allowed me to take a quick trip to the local beach 10 mins away on the Saturday night!