How to make searching for insurance quotes quick and easy

By: Dave MotorCycle Direct Posted: November 16th, 2016

We all know that searching for insurance can sometimes be a longwinded task, especially if left to the last minute with that ever imposing renewal date that seems to come round quicker each year. To help you, we have gathered together some useful information for the first timer or the competitive renewal price seeker to make the process of shopping around a whole lot easier and quicker. The following includes some useful information that you will be asked.

Details about you

  • Personal details including your age and occupation and how long you have been in the country for
  • Your Riding History. This means the date you passed your car/bike test
  • Your home address including where the bike will be stored at your home. If in a garage you may need to confirm the construction type and if it's not kept at your home address overnight, you will need to provide the overnight location
  • Any convictions you have on your licence what they were and when you got them (if any).
  • How many years No Claims Bonus you hold from previous insurance?

Your motorbike and how you use it

  • Make, model and the year of manufacture
  • Your annual mileage including whether you use the bike for pleasure, commuting or business purposes
  • The current market value and the price you originally paid when you bought your bike
  • If your bike has any non-factory fitted modifications and the value each of these
  • What security is in place to protect your bike e.g. alarm, disc lock or Immobiliser

Your Policy

  • The start date when you need the cover to begin.
  • What level of cover you require - whether this is Fully Comprehensive, Third Party only or Third Party Fire and Theft
  • If you have any, decide if you want to protect your No Claims Bonus giving you extra peace of mind that your No Claims Bonus won't be impacted should you be involved in an accident
  • Decide how much Voluntary and Compulsory Excess you are willing to pay
  • Consider if you would benefit from a courtesy bike in the event your bike was to breakdown
  • Decide if you require any Optional Extras such as Breakdown Cover, Excess Protection or Helmet and Leathers cover. Many insurers provide additional products to enable you to add further cover to your main insurance policy.