Excess Protection Cover

This policy allows a policy holder to reclaim the excess which they are liable for following a successful claim under their main insurance policy.

How to Make a Claim

Via the internet:
Visit our claims web site: https://www.excessclaim.co.uk where you will be able register your claim on line.


By Phone
Please call AXA Assistance on 01737 815 404 to notify your claim. You will receive a claim form to complete and will be asked to send us copies of your documents.

Our internet solution allows you to enter all the necessary details we require to settle your claim. We recommend you use the web link as you will need to post documents to us if you contact us by phone, which could result in delays of your claim being settled.

What will I need?

To make a claim we will ask you to submit supporting documentation listed below. It is important you submit all the documentation requested, as we will be unable to process your claim until received.

1. Scheme Code: 10387
2. Evidence the excess amount has been paid to your motor insurer following your claim
3. Evidence that your claim with your main insurer has been settled stating that you were at fault.
4. Certificate of main insurance policy that you have paid the excess on.

What is covered?

We will pay you the excess in respect of a valid claim up to a £600 limit in respect of claims arising from a motor claim only.

You are also covered where you have been unsuccessful in recovering the excess cost from a liable third party within six months of making a valid claim under your main insurance policy.

Once you have made claims which total the annual limit, no further payments will be made under this policy and this motor excess insurance policy will lapse. You will then be liable for all and any future excess payments as defined in your main insurance policy.

Full details of what is and what isn't covered, and other important information can be found in your policy documentation.

To make a claim on the MotorCycle Direct Excess Protect policy, please call 0330 102 8751 (opening hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays).

Making a claim is easy, please follow the 5 steps below:

1. Read this policy booklet to check that the cause of the claim is covered;
2. You must have a valid motorcycle insurance policy claim and have paid your excess under that policy;
3. You can contact the administrator to make a claim by:
- Downloading a claim form at www.directgroup.co.uk/excessclaims and returning the completed form
- By telephoning administrator on 0330 102 8751.
4. By returning the completed claim form and the list of supporting documents that are required.
5. All documentation should be sent to: excessclaims@directgroup.co.uk or Specialist Claims, PO BOX 1192, Doncaster DN1 9PU.

Upon receipt of your documentation, the administrator will contact you about your claim.

Please note we can only process your claim once your motorcycle insurance claim has been settled or in the event of a non-fault claim when six months has lapsed from the incident date.

Full details of what is and what isn't covered, and other important information can be found in your policy documentation.